Association of Computer Science and Mathematics

Our Objectives

Develop scientific knowledge, train researchers and disseminate and popularize knowledge and scientific culture in the field of Information Technology, Communication and Matimatics.

Project Management

We Contribute to the development of innovative businesses and the achievement of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects in Tunisia and on the international scale.

Furthermore, we promote the industrial applied research projects and contribute to the enhancement of the Business-University interface through assisting economic enterprises to identify their needs for technological innovation and pushing on the transfer of technology.

Innovation Support

We push towards the culture of technological innovation through the popularization of programs and mechanisms related to innovation and the exploitation of research results and the transfer of technology.

For this aim, we also, contribute to the promotion of new and innovative businesses.


Research Dissemination

We help the researchers to disseminate their works and target the large public and encourage them to participate in the scientific events and provide them funding.

For this goal, furthermore, we sponsor scientific and social event and pursue to extend the collaborative network.

Knowledge Development

We disseminate and promote knowledge and scientific culture in the field of Information Technology, Communication and Mathematics

Academic Network

We promote the co-operation between researchers and practitioners both from the Academia and from the Industry:

-within Tunisia, through strengthening the links between RDI actors and their industrial environment to establish a business model and an approach for scientific collaboration among all stakeholders.

-at the international level, through establishing partnerships with foreign institutes to promote and appreciate the results of research.

Events Organisation

We organize and sponsor a number of interesting scientific and social events (seminars, conferences, workshops…) throughout the year.

"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." ― Albert Einstein

Our Partners

We work in partnership with University of Sfax, the Research laboratory on Development and Control of Distributed Applications, Digital Research Centre of Sfax and Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax.

Our Team

Hatem Hadj Kacem


Slim Kallel

Vice President


Ismail Bouassida


Riadh ben Halima

General Secretary

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Our Office

National Engineering School of Sfax
Department of Computer Science and applied Mathematics

Route de la Soukra km 4 - 3038 Sfax
Sfax, Tunisia

Fax: +216 74 275 595
Tel:  +216 74 274 088

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